KORE is one of the only systems in the world that links spa treatments with fitness screening.

In other words, we can lead your fitness clientele into your spa by offering improved wellness and performance

KORE is a Consultant-led recovery. Your client will see a KORE consultant who will evaluate their needs, ensure they get the right treatment and follow up with increased sales and aftercare.

This will result in higher repeat bookings and return clients.

Because KORE is a recovery-focused treatment it will resonate with your executive guests, fitness-oriented clients and the local population, increasing revenue and footfall in your spa.

Beyond Wellness – KORE’s Wellness & Recovery Strategy for Spas

Investing in training your staff in KORE will repay you many times over:

  • Increased repeat bookings and sales revenue
  • Increased staff confidence, commitment and satisfaction
  • Enable you to deliver diagnostic consultation
  • Enable you to target different customer groups
  • See your spa full during normally quiet periods
  • Stand your business out from the crowd

With up to 40% of the population suffering from pain, discomfort or dis-ease of some sort, offering KORE alongside your regular spa treatments will enable you to reach a huge number of potential clients who may never usually set foot in a spa

A World of Opportunities

How are you communicating to the stressed executives with back pain and insomnia sitting in the hotel rooms around your spa?

KORE”s executive health programme can help you market your spa dramatically differently with in-room health guidance information and the skills of your spa staff to support and offer therapy for most conditions.

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Your KORE Spa Package: The Options

Option 1

All clients receive a full KORE consultation and screening service geared towards their reasons for attending your Spa (pain, fatigue, stress, relaxation, etc.). The KORE Consultant will then recommend or refer to the most appropriate treatment.

A quick, post-treatment consultation allows for re-booking, recommending personal health exercises and sales opportunities.

This consultation includes personal product testing – a unique way to ensure each client receives exactly the product that works for their particular imbalance helping to increase sales.

Option 2

KORE works alongside your other treatments for clients to choose; or to pick up any clients from other treatments that complain of deeper problems; or want you to avoid certain areas in the massage.

This creates the perfect opportunity to provide a more personal service using cross-referral to KORE to treat the client’s real underlying conditions

Case Study One:

At the famous Chiva Som Health resort in Thailand KORE was so successful in revenue generation that all the physiotherapists onsite were trained to utilise KORE techniques in their own practices.

Case Study Two:

At the Hubertus Wellness hotel, Balderschwang, Germany KORE has increased spa treatments by 38%, and hotel room reservations by 18% a significant revenue generation especially on food & beverage.

Meet some of our partners already working with KORE: